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Tax risk assessment consists of the examination of the Customer’s past activity from a taxation aspect. The examination includes the checking, from a taxation point of view, of contracts entered into by the Customer in order to meet its record-keeping, returns filing and payment obligations. The procedure will reveal both deficits and surpluses.

The method of verification is identical with the procedures employed by the tax authority, except that we carry out an item-by-item inspection of the problem areas specified by the customer, taking into account the specific local conditions. The results of the survey are recorded in a protocol, which also includes our proposals and recommendations in order to avoid deficiencies in the future. Following the drawing up of the protocol, we remain available to the Customer for the required consultations and, if required, we file an amended return.

Our tax counselling activities are guaranteed by the experience and expertise of our tax advisor and auditor staff having many years of experience in the relevant areas. We assume financial and moral responsibility for our work.

Tax advising

Our tax advising activity includes the provision of tax and accountancy consulting on a flat-rate basis, covering the following issues:

International taxation

In collaboration of a law firm specialising in international taxation issues, our company also engages in the planning of international taxation and offshore consulting. On the establishment of businesses by foreign investors, we provide assistance in the planning of the activities of the Hungarian subsidiary or branch establishment in order to achieve maximum efficiency in the optimisation of international taxation.

Assistance is also provided in filing the personal income tax returns of non-residents working in Hungary. For associated companies, we compile the transfer price records in accordance with the Hungarian tax laws and the relevant government decrees.
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